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Contact: Jan "Palič" Pala

After several expeditions to Pamir (years1999, 2000, and 2001), we started looking for other tasks. The North Face of Pik Lenina has altitude difference approximately 2700 meters and we would like to do downhills with similar altitude difference anywhere in the world. So that, Kamchatka with its vulcanos offering relative altitude difference over 2000 meters seems to be absolute ideal. Moreover, the highest vulcano has approximately 4750 meters, thus the need of acclimatisation is not so important in comparison with peaks over 7000 meters.

Kamchatka-Penislula offers many interesting vulcanos. Our main interest focused on two areas: vulcanos around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, and north part of Kamchatka, i.e. Klyucevskaya group of vulcanos. In the first group, there are Korjakskij (3462 m), Avachinskaja (2741 m), and Kozelskij (2250 m) at the northern outskirt of Petropavlovsk, and Viljuchinskij (2185 m) on the south. The second group consist of the highest vulcano in the whole Euroasia - Klyucevskaya (4750 m), then Kamen (4616 m), Tolbachik, Krestovskij, etc.

A simple answer can be found for the question mentioned in the title: we went to Kamchatka for climbs at different vulcanos and first Czech downhills from these vulcanos.

We succeded at these vulcanos:
Moreover, ski down any vulcano and the hot thermal springs - it is just great!

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